Share God's Word with

Your Children & Grandchildren

This could be the most important role of your life. It could also determine where your children and grandchildren spend eternity. You can now help them remember through fun riddles and rhymes.

A New Classic

Bible Times in Riddles and Rhymes is for Everyone in the Family.

Bible Times in Riddles & Rhymes takes you on a journey through some of your favorite Bible stories—now set to fun riddles and rhymes that all ages will enjoy! Whether you’re a grandparent, parent or child, you’ll appreciate the beautiful illustrations and engaging format of this entertaining read-together book.

True to the Bible in every way, these messages of courage, wisdom, strength—and even failure—come alive, paving the way to stimulating conversations about how God’s Word is trustworthy in our lives.

Beginning in Genesis and working through the Gospels, Bible Times in Riddles & Rhymes uses the power of verse to help readers remember and retain some of history’s most powerful stories.

Give the gift of God’s Word to those you love the most, with Bible Times in Riddles & Rhymes.


A Special Endorsement from Joni

“Everyone knows how much a child delights in memorizing riddles and rhymes. Now imagine the most popular Bible stories put to that same joyful cadence. Bible Times in Riddles & Rhymes will please everyone, children, parents and grandparents alike with its enigmatic pull into the pages of God’s Word. It’s a delightful and creative way to learn powerful messages behind the most beloved Bible stories. My friend Sylvia has created a masterful work, and I highly recommend Bible Times in Riddles & Rhymes to your family!”

– Joni Eareckson Tada, Joni and Friends International Disability Center

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Makes a Great Gift for Your Child or Grandchild

There is not a more loving gift you can share than the hope of Jesus and it doesn't have to be their birthday either.

What Others Say

  • Sylvia Taylor-Stein captures the curiosity and imagination of children in her beautifully illustrated book, Bible Times in Riddles & Rhymes. Each interactive rhyme creates a mystery to be solved, making the Bible truth more memorable for children and more engaging for passionate storytellers everywhere. This book is a must-have for homes, schools and churches committed to sharing God’s Word with children.

    Pat Verbal, M.A. | Co-Author and Managing Editor of “Real Families, Real Needs: A Compassionate Guide for Families Living with Disability, Beyond Suffering Bible by Joni and Friends, and Special Needs Ministry for Children”
  • As a pastor and a father, my greatest goal is to pass on my faith to my children! Sylvia has given all of us parents and grandparents a groundbreaking resource. Bible Times in Riddles & Rhymes helps the life-changing stories of Scripture come to life in the minds of our child/grandchild. Here’s the best part: each story is a rhyme making them memorable and they are followed by questions fueling meaningful conversations. Get this book and watch it become a family favorite!

    Mark Riggins | Pastor and Author of “Stuck”
  • Sylvia has crafted clever rhymes to pass on Old and New Testament stories in a way children will remember! This is a wonderful tool to plant seeds of faith in your children and help them learn about God’s power, love and forgiveness! This book is sure to become a well-loved classic for families!

    Lori Hahn | Women’s Ministry Leader and Mother
  • Bible Times in Riddles & Rhymes captures each of the Bible stories with wonderful poetic creativity and beautiful illustrations. They make each story unforgettable. I am looking forward with great anticipation to getting copies of this book for my children and grandchildren. As a pastor for almost 50 years I appreciate how unique and useful this book will be as we encourage faith in the next generations. Imagine how we can pass along our spiritual legacy as we read this book together with our children and our grandchildren.

    Jack Monroe | Executive Pastor and Grandfather
  • As a grandmother, I am always looking for new and unique ways to share Biblical truths with my grandchildren. Bible Times in Riddles & Rhymes is a creative way to plant those truths deep in their hearts in imaginative and engaging ways. I can’t wait to read these beautifully illustrated poetic stories to Jocie, Abigail and Brianna. Thank you, Sylvia Taylor-Stein!

    Christine Hillesheim | Disability Ministry Leader and Grandmother
  • What an inspired work! I can't wait to share your book with my 8-year-old grandson, Samuel. He'll love the riddles because he knows the Scriptures really well from his Bible Story classes in school, his weekly scripture memory, his Sunday School and home devotions with his mom, my daughter Stefanie Revell. Congratulations, Sylvia! May God bless the work of your hands and heart.

    Bruce Barbour | Literary Agent and Grandfather
  • Sylvia Taylor Stein has written a masterful book for all ages depicting Bible stories in a whimsical and interactive manner. The illustrations of each story leave powerful impressions in your mind; while her clever delivery marvelously touches your heart. A thoughtful must read for all generations!

    Jean James Kingery | Missionary and Grandmother

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